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It has been quite some time now that I have worked on my Meteorology Story Book (I have renamed my project) and when I recently returned to my story telling I found I was uncomfortable with the pages, in particular the type font that I had been using for the scripture verses and the journaling.

So I made some changes. And when all is said and done and the book goes to print I still may make even more changes, but this is pleasing to my eye right now. While I am using two different types of font they are very close together in style but different in size, highlighting both the scripture verses, which are all verses related to meteorology, and the journaling which is my meteorology story.

Each page, except a few story pages where I am considering adding small stories, include a photo of clouds in the sky taken by me (and maybe a couple photos taken by Jeff).

Did you know that long used folklore tale, "Red skies at night sailors delight; red skies in morning sailors take warning" isn't actually a folklore but straight from the word of God? Yep, it's in Matthew 16: 2-3. It makes my heart smile, and dripping with pride, to know God was the very first meteorologist! And, to think He's allowed me to be on his forecasting team!

I began my meteorology career in 1982 at Chanute AFB, Illinois. Chanute AFB isn't even a base any longer. This is an awesome website called On Broken Wings - Chanute Air Force Base | The Art of Abandonment  It's gone now. As are the barracks/dorms I stayed in. And the Airmen's club I frequented. And White Hall where I was taught weather observing and a couple years later Weather Forecasting...

Weather Observing school was my first taste of the world of meteorology and only a small, but essential part of weather forecasting. In observing school I learned the states of the sky, the cloud forms and types, weather elements and taking weather observations. So interesting from where I began I would be doing again - today.