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I enjoyed my job most, in those early days of my military and meteorology career, while working at Air Force Global Weather Central, when I assisted the Severe Weather Forecast section. Here, I plotted weather observation reports, especially severe weather reports. These, in turn, assisted the severe weather experts in issuing weather warnings and advisories for the entire United States.

Little meteorological training went into this aspect of my career except I valued the importance of the weather observation, which stayed with me my entire career, never taking for granted what the weather observations of those times provided a meteorologist such valuable information.

By the way, the cloud photos in my Meteorology Story Book are all taken by me (except one or two by Jeff). The photo on this page is the mid cloud altocumulus. I am not sure why, because I've seen some beautiful skies but altocumulus is my favorite cloud, especially when it's covering most of the sky in a single layer.