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For John and Jarrod's elective class, Bible, we completed four Beth Moore Bible Studies, Daniel, James, Esther, and David. Each one offered a unique experience and understanding. Esther was lighthearted and fun, but we saw God move so mightily throughout Esther's story and James, well, we memorized the first Chapter of James. I am still going to attempt the entire book of James, and still have time if I buckle down hard. 

David was tough. They learned so many lessons of what-not-to-do through the life of David and so many more for the very reason David is a man after God's own heart. And then there is Daniel. I think this book challenged us all but let me tell you, when John and Jarrod shared with Mom what each chapter of the book was about and the take away lesson, well, let's just say it made this momma proud.