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Last year in June, Jeff's company brought the entire company, offices from three states, via buses to Ashville for their 25th anniversary and put everyone up at the Grove Point Inn, where the celebration would take place, or the Biltmore Plantation. We stayed at the luxurious Grove Point Inn which was just fine with us; the rooms were modern and extra large and best of all the celebration was at the Grove Point so when we were ready to head to our room we wouldn't have to wait on a bus to take us.

The company offered a free afternoon outing. One of the choices was a tour of the Biltmore Plantation which is what we chose. We were provided with individual listening devices and thus, took a self-guided, leisurely tour of the plantation. It was everything we'd heard about it and we enjoyed it immensely.

Photography was not allowed in the plantation so all we had were the outside photos.