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The year is not even half gone and I only need to read 6, count 'em 6, more books to reach my goal of 30 New Books in 2015. The month of June helped tremendously to fill some squares as I veraciously, well - veracious for me anyways, read five books this month. Yesterday, my plan was to come home and create this post having only read 4 books and I was so good with that, but, little did I know when I slid Max Lucado's latest nugget of gold, Before Amen, into my giant work bag, that I would be able to read the entire book, while at work, after spending hours of my time on Bible study as well.

True, it helps to have a job watching the weather. And today just happened to be a day of near clear skies, blistering heat, and only one weather observation an hour required. Granted, days like these are few and far between but today was one of them and I was blessed beyond.

Interrupted by Jen Hatmacker. Amazing, amazing, amazing. One of my all time favorite non-fiction books, easily! I'd already read her 7 bestseller and loved it but this book is over the top. All I can say is what God does when we are obedient is out of this world is mind-blowing!

Term Limits by Vince Flynn. His first novel just rocked! I can't believe I didn't know that he had died from cancer in 2013. I was shocked and so very saddened. Intelligence intrigue slash darn good story line slash throw in counterintelligence brilliance and I'm there every time.

Transfer of Power by Vince Flynn. In his second novel, he wrote about something with an all-to-imaginable possibility of happening in real life. Good, good book.

The Princess Bride, an S. Morgenstern classic tale (abridged) by William Goldman. This is the book the critically acclaimed movie was based on. I read this aloud to John and Jarrod as one of the books we are reading for their senior year of high school. So much fun, especially if you've seen and adore the movie!

Before Amen by Max Lucado. This book will change your prayer life.

Yesterday, I picked up Vince Flynn's third book, The Third Option, so I'll probably read that in June, as well.