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stories 2015 | go. see. escape.


When I saw Ali Edwards most recent Story Kit, GO, and a scrapbook page she made with her products I knew immediately I would be scrap lifting her idea. It just rocks!

I wanted a fairly simple page showcasing the sunrise photos of our time at the beach but it is the story behind the beach trip - my story - that I told. Sure, there are more pieces to the whole, but this is one of those pieces.

The sun rising out at Tybee Island and me there - well - let's just say I needed it desperately. So glad we went and I love my page.

july 2015 menu plan.


We have an interesting month headed our way with return trips home, short weekend trip, and a week long trip for Jeff and the boys. A couple of new recipes, all of which I am looking forward to making. I am making it easy on myself while the boys are gone to church camp and we are going out to eat a couple of times - unusual for us during the week - but I'm good with it. I'm also making super simple meals for Mom and I while Jeff and the boys are at Boy Scout camp.

We also have an 18th birthday to celebrate: Dinner out, maybe a cake (maybe not:), and Mission Essential shooting range!!! Really looking forward to that because Jeff bought me this sweet little shooter that even my rheumatoid arthritic hands can hold.

currents | june 2015.



choosing our next Bible study the boys and I will do together. Beth Moore's Living Beyond Yourself: the Fruit of the Spirit.

knowing without a doubt studying the Word of God is sometimes the only thing that keeps my head above the flood waters of extreme sadness, pain, and grief. I am definitely in a valley experience, praying for the perseverance that comes with trials, and looking forward to the mountain top.

seeking help is a good thing:)

watching the sun rising each morning whether at work or out on Tybee Beach is pure enjoyment and relaxation.

needing to dye my hair again and get a trim - it does nothing and my gray is showing.

hoping my sons come home changed for the better, with direction and purpose and a new commitment for Christ, from their summer camp with Christ in Youth.

looking forward to using my Get to Work Book for making things happen rather than just planning for things to happen. I'm hoping it will be the game-changer. I have written up two projects in for the month of July.

reading up a storm: Vince Flynn novels as I purchase them (three in the last couple weeks), The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom out loud to the boys, began Brad Thor's series that begins with the Lions of Lucerne. And did you know that I have vacationed in Lucerne, Switzerland?

hearing such gratitude in Jeff's voice when he said the other morning, as he was packing his lunch with leftovers from a recent evening meal, "we sure do eat good!"

dreaming of Greek salads with mixed greens, feta cheese, homemade Greek dressing, pepperoncini peppers, grilled chicken, red onions, kalamata olives...all the ingredients are going on my grocery list for this weeks lunches.

wishing I had more time to scrap.

wanting to clear out, purge, and organize my scraproom in the month of July so I can begin that big photo project I keep saying I'll begin so I no longer am saying begin, but, finish.

getting behind on my 52 Gratitudes project; looking to catch up because I have tons to be thankful for, and even have an idea forming for next years gratitude project

finding refreshment at She Reads Truth.








stories of 2015 | wander here.


During our anniversary weekend to Charleston we hopped on a bicycle taxi, we'd never done this before, and the driver road us out to Battery Park, leaving us his business card in case we needed a ride back to the bustling life of the historic district, where we'd be having lunch later. We walked the waterfront and took a leisurely, and I mean leisurely, stroll through the park, finding an empty bench where we could see much of the park and watching the people, one of our most favorite past times. We did decide to walk back on our own without calling the bike taxi and we were just to the point of hungry when we made our way back into 'town'.

before amen.

In Max Lucado's book, Before Amen, he shared a unique prayer technique that to me has become my ABC's of Gratitude. It was immediate inspiration, to pray gratitudes to God, give Him thanks using the letters of the alphabet, I began jotting down the letters of the alphabet and my gratitudes. It is a wonderful exercise and I've already been blessed immensely, and that wasn't even point; the point was to bless God.

Thank you God for:

Air conditioning. These last few days, here in the southeast, under a blocking high pressure, the heat has been oppressive; yet I am blessed I work in an air conditioned building and our home air conditioner is still blowing cold air, even though we are soon replacing our inside unit.

B efore Amen. The book by Max Lucado that encouraged this lesson in giving thanks.

Commissary shopping. Having retired from the Air Force my family is afforded the opportunity to shop at our military commissary. While they don't always have what we use, they are almost always more affordable than on the economy. True, coupons for stores such as Kroger's and Publix are more prevalent I still think we save a ton for regular grocery shopping.

Day shift. Life has done almost a 180 degrees since moving to the day shift and all for the better! 

Emoji's. Those cute little smiley faces that began first on email but are so prevalent on iPhone's now that allow me to send kisses to my husband, or thumbs up for a good turn, or even send a confused look of "I don't understand."

Father's. Especially mine who is so often in my thoughts and memories. And my husband, the daddy of my children. A worthy measure of a man.

Gifting. I was so excited to hear our new friends had given two of their five kids the amazing Action Bible; so I slipped into Lifeway the other day, pulled the last three Action Bibles from the shelves, and we are gifting them three more Bibles, so each of their kids will have one of their own. We just cannot out give God!

Hand holding. It's one of my favorite actions of Jeff's, when he reaches for my hand, that I love most.

Indigo. Because, I have to say it is tremendously beautiful dyed into curtains, or pillows, or scarves, or dress and shirt fabric, or napkins; and it just goes so well in my bedroom.

Jo. my hero in the faith. She is grace and mercy, peace and patience, tenderness, kindness, gentleness and the steadfastness of Christ.

Kind people. Getting more and more scarce, kind people let me see Christ in person.

Literature. Thankful for all the reading aloud I have done over these past years of homeschooling and all the literature we will be reading this last year of their high school.

Moore, as in Beth Moore Bible studies and the time I have had with my sons through these studies

New friends to encourage and support and to bless because, well - this young couple are a blessing to the five children they've adopted.

Opportunities to serve. They are right in front of me (us). It is up to me (us) to step forward and give of our time. Sometimes it is precious time, but I have never accepted an opportunity to serve that I was not more blessed having served.

Purging and simplifying. Both make me very happy. Very content. Very grateful.

Quiet time. Sure the quiet time I have with the Lord I am very much thankful. But, I'm actually thankful right now for quietness. My house has been somewhat of a battlefield of late and I am thankful for any periods of quietness. Peace. Peace and quiet. That sweet peace and sweet quiet, not that sitting-on-the-edge-of-your-seat peace and quiet hoping something, or someone doesn't explode, but the just because everyone is getting along, not arguing, and the house is peaceful and quiet kind of quiet. As an introvert I cherish these times and so very thankful. 

Rich, my brother, who stopped by a midst a business trip but because he was in the neighborhood.

Sunrises at the beach. For all I've seen and all those I have to look forward to.

Ten thousand. For the 10,000 steps movement sweeping the country and the 10,000 steps I walked these past couple of days after months of not being able to walk as my RA has kept me down. And for 10,000 reasons to bless God's holy name. 

Under the covering of the cross! Under the shadow of Your Wings.

Veil torn. Victory in Jesus.

Winter's Solstice tea. Such a delightful blend of tea I've enjoyed for many years. I was just sharing my love for this tea recently and it reminded me of just the simple pleasures God gives.

Xtraordinary grace. Being forgiven. Given grace. It's ok. I love you anyways. Sacred in the ordinary. Receiving grace. Forgiving. Grace. Extraordinary!

Yams. As in sweet potato yam casseroles smothered in brown sugar, butter, and walnuts

Zoo's. Lion's and Tigers, and Bears, oh my! Except those reptilian exhibits. Well, ok, maybe the reptilian exhibits are ok God because the snakes are all in cages.

interesting links | 02


Great idea! Write more letters and snail mail them.

Another great idea!! Print photos on paint chips. It's pinned to my Create 52 board.

This day planner called the Get to Work Book is going to be a game changer. Looking forward to filling it up. It's that day planner I am actually so excited about.

Amazing!! Amazing!!! Amazing!!! This post by Momastery is thought-provoking and spot on.

Be Encouraged. This young lady is my Ashley's age. This couple goes to our church and we've known Danielle for many years. I think I have a scrapbook page of one of Ashley birthday parties with Danielle in the photos. Amazing story being lived right now.

Emily Henderson is awesome. She is clever, witty, stylish, of course, and now that she has shared this post, honest too.

I found them! This is the dinnerware I have been imagining and dreaming about.

For John and Jarrod's Eagle projects memory - a softcover photo book from Artifact Uprising

I'm making this salad. And just browse her blog. Lovely photos. Amazing photos. Interesting place to visit (her blog I mean).





30 New Books in 2015 | june


The year is not even half gone and I only need to read 6, count 'em 6, more books to reach my goal of 30 New Books in 2015. The month of June helped tremendously to fill some squares as I veraciously, well - veracious for me anyways, read five books this month. Yesterday, my plan was to come home and create this post having only read 4 books and I was so good with that, but, little did I know when I slid Max Lucado's latest nugget of gold, Before Amen, into my giant work bag, that I would be able to read the entire book, while at work, after spending hours of my time on Bible study as well.

True, it helps to have a job watching the weather. And today just happened to be a day of near clear skies, blistering heat, and only one weather observation an hour required. Granted, days like these are few and far between but today was one of them and I was blessed beyond.

Interrupted by Jen Hatmacker. Amazing, amazing, amazing. One of my all time favorite non-fiction books, easily! I'd already read her 7 bestseller and loved it but this book is over the top. All I can say is what God does when we are obedient is out of this world is mind-blowing!

Term Limits by Vince Flynn. His first novel just rocked! I can't believe I didn't know that he had died from cancer in 2013. I was shocked and so very saddened. Intelligence intrigue slash darn good story line slash throw in counterintelligence brilliance and I'm there every time.

Transfer of Power by Vince Flynn. In his second novel, he wrote about something with an all-to-imaginable possibility of happening in real life. Good, good book.

The Princess Bride, an S. Morgenstern classic tale (abridged) by William Goldman. This is the book the critically acclaimed movie was based on. I read this aloud to John and Jarrod as one of the books we are reading for their senior year of high school. So much fun, especially if you've seen and adore the movie!

Before Amen by Max Lucado. This book will change your prayer life.

Yesterday, I picked up Vince Flynn's third book, The Third Option, so I'll probably read that in June, as well.