52 Gratitudes 2015 | 24
right now

june 2015 menu plan


The boys are going to be at church camp the end of the month. We will have our Friday night dates, a couple nights we'll eat out - just because. And, I'm going to try a couple recipes. Now that I'm responsible for most of the cooking again, new recipes are no-brainers.

A Philly Cheesesteak Stromboli that I'm already eyeballing substitutions to the recipes (i.e. fresh mushrooms over canned/jarred)

Breakfast Bake with Hashbrown Crust for Elevate Sunday morning breakfast.

Farmstand One Pot Wonder - gotta love those One Pot dishes.

Lastly, a Knock Your Socks off Slow Cooker Chicken and Sausage

Now that I work dayshifts and get home in plenty of time to cook dinner, with maybe some prep work from John and Jarrod, I don't hesitate to put the more 'difficult' menu choices on during the week.

We have some old friends coming over in June for Tacos - their request! But, really looking forward to the time with them. And one of my meals in early June I'll double it to take to the a family in our small group since she is in the hospital. I'm really looking forward to the Tacos de Carnitas with Tomatilla salsa - yum!