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right now

right now I'm in a really good place relationally, emotionally, and spiritually and a bad place physically, but not a really bad place. I am thriving, not just surviving. While I am rarely pain free, I also rarely have debilitation these days. And that is a good thing. I'm walkin' on sunshine, albeit turtle slow with tiny steps. It is when I stretch my stride that pain increases rapidly. Jeff and I have had some difficult discussions that I'm taking action steps from and this has moved me into a better place relationally and emotionally. Spiritually is where I think I am thriving the most. From serving more, to studying more, to celebrating Jesus more, to reaching up to Him more; still much work to be done - but, good.

right now we are on the back stretch of John and Jarrod's Eagle projects slash packet slash boards slash two Eagle scouts. So close but feeling like we're so far. The projects are done. Check. One packet is just about complete. The other should go so much smoother with Jarrod because we faced the difficult hurtles with John and Jarrod learned from John's mistakes. Not always bad to have made mistakes when someone comes behind and learns what not to do. And then there is a party to plan. Ok, I mean ceremony - but man, two Eagle scouts who have been in scouting from Tiger Cub.

right now I am loving everything about the day shift...as long as I get to bed at a decent hour. The 8 hour shifts versus 10 hour shifts fly by. I'm drinking less coffee. I have dinner with my family every night. The boys have me cooking dinner again. I feel like I have more time to get things done. I get to run a weather office, which I've already had to push through some difficult things and it's all good. The best result is seeing Jeff every night and we get to go to bed together.

right now I have found the pool again. Over the long summer days and season the Hunter indoor pool will be closed when I would be able to go swim (afternoons after work) so I had to reach out to the local aquatic center and swim in their Olympic size pool. This last swim I had to swim in the 50m lane, brace up against the psychological battle for my mind, talk myself into succeeding and won! I swam 900 meters, improving my distance from the previous week. 

right now I have a plan to get busy and get to work on the 'big photo project' of putting my MIL photos in Project Life-like albums using photos + journaling + Project Life cards and my Teal We Are Memory Keepers albums. I just need to get to work. Maybe, it will be my first big planned project using my Get To Work Book, which begins in July. Life just seems to get in the way.

right now I have 11th grade textbooks and binders and worksheets and grades to put up and put away. It will literally clear off some shelves. What is done is Community Service record, Reading Log 9th-12th grade, Transcripts, and plan for next year.

right now I am reading the Love Dare. It's getting interesting...and it's only Day 1.