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30 New Books in 2015 | july


I have read a lot this month. All this reading has brought me only one book shy of reaching my goal of 30 New Books in 2015 with have a year to go. What to do? Anything would be on the plus side and with several more Vince Flynn novels and a new J.D. Robb out in September and quite a few Christian non-fiction books I have my eye on I think I'll try for 60 New Books in 2015 and see how far I get. Like I said anything beyond 30 is golden. But for now, these are my latest reads:

The Third Option by Vince Flynn - All of Vince Flynn's Mitch Rapp novel's are being re-published and I've been reading them in order, many of which I've never read before. And I'm lovin' every minute of it. Pretty fast reads but enough intrigue and action to hold my attention, the Third Option was very good.

Separation of Power by Vince Flynn - Good, but definitely not my favorite of the several I've read.

Executive Power by Vince Flynn. Another good one, but still not my favorite. Some really good action parts, and while not my favorite I have to say I really like how Vince write's military, counterintelligence intrigue.

The Lions of Lucerne by Brad Thor. Technically, this is not a new read but it has been years since I've read it and I'd forgotten every bit of it. Not that it wasn't interesting, just that it's been so long ago. Brad Thor novels are on hold now until I read all the Vince Flynn's.

You'll Get Through This by Max Lucado. The only non-fiction in the bunch this month, even though I have one 'on my nightstand' so to speak, or more accurately, 'in my workbag'. A must read for anyone who has taken in their mother-in-law to come and live with them when you don't really know them very well. Life-changing and applicable book for my situation, right now.