52 Gratitudes 2015 | 27
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Hello July,

More visits to the beach to relax, watch the sunrise or sunset, walk the beach, take a dip in the ocean waters, breathe. Even if I have to go by myself.

More salads for lunch. With many variations to keep it exciting!

Less stress or battles fought. Apply many of the principles or action items I've learned in my counseling sessions.

More visits to the Farmer's Market for fresh vegetables

Less late night binging; when I mean late night I mean an hour or two after dinner when I'm not even hungry, but just because I have the munchies.

More going to bed early enough to get the rest I need. Like 9:00 pm. Absolutely not 10:00 pm.

More water, please. This will happen if I drink less Sprite. Like today, in fact. Zero sprite today; 4 glasses of water instead, so far.

More board games with family. Scrabble, Yahtzee, Apples to Apples (Ashley - please come home!!!)

Less television.

More visits to the aquatic center for lap swimming. I have missed way to much swim time.

More books read aloud to John and Jarrod for a big jumpstart on their 12th grade reading list I've compiled; and read for pleasure, silently.

Less drinking Sprite.

More time spent with friends; 4th of July with the Trumps, a small group get together, dinner theatre with friends, make plans for a late lunch, possible taco night with friends...

More time in prayer and in the Word.

More checking off things in my Get to Work Book.


More or less is my new monthly journaling prompt of bold intentions.