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stories 2015 | spiritual roots


The boys and I headed to Greenville, South Carolina on Friday, the 10th for, drumroll please - a Beth Moore conference. Yep, you heard right! John, Jarrod, and I attended a Beth Moore conference. Months ago I asked the boys, since we've been working through multiple Bible studies by Beth Moore, if they wanted to go along with me and they jumped at the chance.

I purchased tickets, got us a nice hotel room close to the Bon Secours arena and anxiously waited for July to roll around and our short little road trip to arrive. I made sure we got there early enough that we were not rushed in the least and the boys were their typical easy-going sons that they always are. We had some time before check in so we found a yummy pizza place at the recommendation of the hotel desk clerk and she was on point. The pizza was fantastic!

We headed for the Friday evening session with plenty of time to spare. We were blessed to find a parking space right across the street which also offered a pass for the Saturday morning session too. Score!

John and Jarrod were about 2 of 20 men attending the 11,000 women strong Beth Moore conference and they handled it with guy-style and aplomb. My boys just rock! A fantastic conference, hanging with my two gentle-giant man-teens, just all around great time.

I won't even talk about the drive home. It was too painful. I'm serious. People cannot drive!!! Oh, don't get me started.

30 New Books in 2015 | july


I have read a lot this month. All this reading has brought me only one book shy of reaching my goal of 30 New Books in 2015 with have a year to go. What to do? Anything would be on the plus side and with several more Vince Flynn novels and a new J.D. Robb out in September and quite a few Christian non-fiction books I have my eye on I think I'll try for 60 New Books in 2015 and see how far I get. Like I said anything beyond 30 is golden. But for now, these are my latest reads:

The Third Option by Vince Flynn - All of Vince Flynn's Mitch Rapp novel's are being re-published and I've been reading them in order, many of which I've never read before. And I'm lovin' every minute of it. Pretty fast reads but enough intrigue and action to hold my attention, the Third Option was very good.

Separation of Power by Vince Flynn - Good, but definitely not my favorite of the several I've read.

Executive Power by Vince Flynn. Another good one, but still not my favorite. Some really good action parts, and while not my favorite I have to say I really like how Vince write's military, counterintelligence intrigue.

The Lions of Lucerne by Brad Thor. Technically, this is not a new read but it has been years since I've read it and I'd forgotten every bit of it. Not that it wasn't interesting, just that it's been so long ago. Brad Thor novels are on hold now until I read all the Vince Flynn's.

You'll Get Through This by Max Lucado. The only non-fiction in the bunch this month, even though I have one 'on my nightstand' so to speak, or more accurately, 'in my workbag'. A must read for anyone who has taken in their mother-in-law to come and live with them when you don't really know them very well. Life-changing and applicable book for my situation, right now.

currents | july 2015


liking my new Fluffy Towels car freshener by Yankee Candle.

loving all the Vince Flynn novel re-prints on the bookshelves; I'm getting them all and...

enjoying reading the Vince Flynn novels, the Mitch Rapp series, in order as they are being re-printed in bunches of four.

savoring delicious food this week which began with a decadent Cowboy Quiche. I added a cup of sharp cheddar cheese to the bottom of the pie before pouring the remaining ingredients and, boy, was it ever good! 

putting the final touches this afternoon on our Blessing Bags, gallon-sized Ziploc bags filled to the brim with food and hygiene products for the homeless we meet on highway exits, etc., that we will tuck in our trucks for just such a time.

exciting week for Jeff, John, and Jarrod of rafting, Yaking, and kayaking on the white-water river rapids in north Georgia and southern Tennessee. Already experiencing wild rides and made some amazing memories.

praying my rheumatoid arthritis is going in remission as I can now walk unencumbered, albeit with pain.

needing to finish up some work-related activities, get them off my plate, and move on to another project.

planning on spending an hour (maybe two) in the studio continuing my purging, cleaning, and organizing project; because I need to get started on my big photo project, desperately.

looking forward to attending the summer dinner theatre, a stage play with dinner, our church is putting on this coming weekend. We will be sitting with our small group and enjoying fellowship as well.

starting another Beth Moore Bible study with John and Jarrod next week, Living Beyond Yourself - a study on the Fruit of the Spirit. We enjoyed her conference this past weekend so much. John and Jarrod were probably two of about 20 men in a coliseum of 11,000 women.  

reading Executive Power by Vince Flynn, Becoming Myself by Staci Eldredge, and The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom. The boys and I are creeping through The Hiding Place. It is one of 18 books we hope to finish in their 12th grade year.

drinking alot more water in this oppressive southeastern Georgia summertime heat; alot less Sprite (because alot more water); found out over this past weekend that I really enjoy Sierra Mist; and, drinking a cup of coffee in the morning, along with my to-go mug and maybe another cup (or two) when I get home.

considering doing something like this: creating a memory book of all my blog posts; now, that's cool!

walking more now that I can walk without pain. While I am still in pain it isn't painful to walk. Recently, I've even made it over 10,000 steps in a day.

happy 4th of july.


we're celebrating our independence. our freedom. we're grillin' pork steaks and buttery sweet corn on the cob. our day is steeped in tradition as we head down to river street, set up camp, watch the boaters drift by and the people walk by, share our space with some new friends, watch some fireworks, and enjoy life.

have a happy 4th of july!

stories 2015 | museum of aviation



stories 2015  |  museum of aviation

Troop 7, our Boy Scout troop extraordinaire, set up a 'go see it' as we used to call it when John and Jarrod were in Cub Scouts, a Saturday day trip to Robins Air Force Base in Macon, Georgia, but, in particular, the Museum of Aviation. Jeff, the boys and I rode together in a convoy with the other families and scouts going and enjoyed a day at the museum. John set off for the day with a group of other scouts and Jeff, Jarrod and I hung together as we visited 'hangar' after 'hangar' of the aviation museum from the history of aviation when the Air Force was still the Air Corp forward to the latest and greatest technologies of today, and even Special Operations Air Force aviation (which Jeff enjoyed). Jarrod climbed into any display allowed for a photo op; my favorite: the ejection seat display with long ago memories of my own ejection seat training. He was also very intrigued and moved by the POW/MIA memorial within the inner circle of the various museum hangars. I was amazed at the plethora of model airplanes on display of each and every inventoried Air Force aircraft. Literally, hundreds and hundreds of aircraft have been built and utilized for one purpose or another, some more successful than others.

Thoroughly enjoyed this unique blend of of Air Force aviation history.  

collections | love weekend bags.


Pendleton, The Portland Collection. You will hear me roar with each of these bags. I WANT THAT! I have a Vera Bradley Weekender which I love and an extra large Turquoise and Cream canvas tote that I would definitely take on a weekend trip, but what I have in mind is many weekend trips in my future. And, the perfect weekend bag for each exciting trip. 

Hoosier Man and I have done short trips for our birthday's which are a day apart and for our anniversary, and a trip to San Antonio to visit our daughter, but I'm seriously thinking a weekend away just because is in order.

I have been drawn to various styles but rustic, leather, canvas, all seem to weave into my tastes right now. In addition to the above fabulous tote, rustic, rugged, and leather perfect for a wonderful wintry weekend.


Mark and Graham Canvas and Leather Weekend. I love this bag with all the accessories for the weekend water cruise. This is on my Style board on Pinterest. I am not ashamed.


A Turkish Kilim Ethnic Travel Bag for that weekend trip to the mountains would be perfect to sling over my shoulders as we're heading for our cabin.


This Kate Spade leather travel bag is to die for and would take to a classy weekend resort - anywhere. Love it!

And then there is this one...


Amazing Jade Tribe Weekender Bag by Farfetch.

All of these bags would be fun to acquire and even more fun to take away with me for a weekend trip with Hoosier Man.