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kid's recipe book | roasted chicken, chili, and rice skillet with bacon


The Picky Palate makes delightful recipes and when I saw a chicken and rice skillet dish, with bacon no less, I just had to make it! And, of course I just had to make it our own. This dish is pure, unadulterated comfort food: cheese, lots of cheese, roasted chicken, such lovely flavors, steamy rice, smokey green chilis, a touch of chipotle heat - and bacon. Just a pound of bacon to sprinkle on top. Flavorful combination all around.

Obviously, I served it with a salad. Duh.

'Tis true I made this in the southern August heat. Ok, not the best time. But, it sure was good! And it was very easy to put together and perfect for one of my really bad days of pain. A day when I needed the comfort food. 

We have a huge, 14-inch cast iron skillet, that on those really bad days of pain I can barely lift, but I used for this dish and, man, does this make a ton of food. Serves 6-8 easily. We had plenty of leftovers to enjoy.