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stories 2015 | surrounded by love.


I rarely get so "creative" with my pages, usually it is photos plus words and one or two embellishments but I was inspired by a page I saw on pinterest and when Elizabeth sent me some fabulous photos of her - and Noah I just couldn't resist. In addition, I had the time and the capability. The time: because my men are on a hiking trip this weekend which left me with my hands free and my time free to do with what I want and the capability: because with my men on a hiking trip I had the computer all to myself. Which, these last couple of months they've been dual enrolled at Point, has been limited access.

Noah is getting tons of character, even just at 6 weeks or so and I couldn't resist these photos.

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currently | october.


outside temperatures are generally cooler, leaves and acorns are falling, and John and Jarrod are riding bikes to school. Bringing the outside in with house windows opened. Morning sunrises from the sixth floor of the air traffic control tower are glorious!

inside we've pulled out the lap blankets to snuggle in when the house is cooler, we're sharing cups of coffee (Jarrod and I), and we're watching a weekly Bible study video. I've actually had a few minutes computer time to flush out some project ideas

looking forward to November and - a visit from my daughter Elizabeth - and my grandkids, gifting a date night to a young couple with five adopted children, celebrating Jeff's and my birthday, participating in 30 Days of Thankful.

delighting in the time we spent last month with new grandson, Noah. 

hounding Elizabeth for pictures of Noah...she posted to Facebook...thank you, Elizabeth. Hey, I am making a one-year album. I need pictures people!

remembering Elizabeth saying, "People, focus on me!" at her graduation gathering (I think it was graduation) when everyone was talking around her and - well - not focusing on her.

getting some physical therapy for my back and hip, slowly improving flexibility and I'm experiencing some relief here and there, but still not where I'd hoped I'd be. Although the last couple days have been mostly pain free. When I say pain free I really mean less than a 3 of 10.

swimming is my most important thing right now - I have fairly recently accomplished a 1 mile swim but have not been able to get to the pool since (over a month now). A friend of ours has an outdoor pool that she is willing to let me use any time, even if she's not there. The pool is not heated, and the weather is turning, but still, I might have to brave the temperatures

watching Once Upon a Time (Season 4), but, have put that on the back burner because it got frustratingly too evil, Blacklist (Season 2), and, chomping at the bit for Season 3 now playing on prime time television, Hawaii Five-O (Season 5), but, recently finished, and Blue Bloods (Season 5), and needing to watch the current season because it is so good, and Psych - all on NetFlix. Then, there is Stargate SG-1 on DVD

rejoicing with John and Jarrod as we held their Eagle Court of Honor this past month and the quiet relief and a new endeavor as Assistant Scoutmasters, and a weekend hiking trip as all three, Jeff, John, and Jarrod, going as scoutmasters.

eating oatmeal for breakfast most days during the week. Although this past week it has been Panera Bread bagels with chive and onion cream cheese.

hoping fall stays for awhile

beginning the Armor of God Bible study by Priscilla Shirer for our, the boys and I, next study. Then, I'm thinking Nehemiah by Kay Arthur for a different way to study the Bible and a great study on leadership - but - we really like Priscilla Shirer so maybe a study on Gideon.

remembering all the laughter I shared with my daughter Ashley on her short visit in September and missing her so. It was good to laugh with her the kind of laughing that takes your breath away.

planning my 30 Days of Thankful album (it's coming up in November). I'm thinking 8 x 8 this year and maybe turning it into a digital album, but I love my turquoise albums, so, maybe not.

dreaming of a front porch to welcome fall in...ok, maybe winter. It is the south here...and a back deck too!

relaxing, finally, with no big commitments looming ahead.

wishing I was scrapping more...taking more pictures...miraculously have a clean scraproom and an organized bedroom and bedroom closet...and a front porch.

wearing boots and sweaters more




stories 2015 | hello sweetness


While I've had to remind Elizabeth to post pictures she does and gives me quite a few to choose from which are my favorites. This sweet photo of Noah is dripping with sugary yumminess and is one for the best category. Noah is filling out nicely and I just want to scoop him up and cuddle with him. Adorable!

Missing him so and can't wait to have him in my arms again in November.

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stories 2015 | my tribe

My tribe

I love it when my daughters post pictures on facebook and see without a doubt from those photos how much fun life can be - even away from me! 

Ashley and her Joe's Crab shack co-workers dressed up in superheroes versus villains costumes and if you'd asked me ahead of time whether Ashley would pick a superhero or a villain I would have said, "hands down - a Villain!" And I would have been right. She picked Batman's Poison Ivy - to go with her gorgeous red hair!

I love that even though she has a Bachelor's and a Master's of Psychology and is currently in a Master's in Christian Counseling program she can still love working as a waitress, too!

52 Gratitudes 2015 | 37


This past Sunday night in our small group one of the questions from our lesson asked, "what was your favorite memory of this past year?"

I can't help it! Mine were centered around these two punks (it truly is a term of endearment) who earned their Eagle rank. They began scouting as Tiger Cubs and finally made it to the rank of Eagle after a long hard road. Their Eagle board - success; and then, their Eagle Court of Honor. Just wonderful memories. Some, so hard, yet the final outcome...glorious!

subway art for Noah.


I've gifted these vital statistics of babies' birth several times now and I knew I wanted to create a set for Noah's room, my newest grandson. When we were visiting this past month, getting some grandparent time, Elizabeth showed us Noah's room that she has decorated in baby Nemo with several shades of blues, oranges and yellows - all great colors for a boys room. These subway art pieces will look great in white frames that I'll be putting together this week and getting them shipped off to Maryland. 

My goal is the end of the week. We'll see how I do...

Oh, the companion to this is an ABC's print, using matching colors. They'll look great side by side or even one on top of each other.


I'm lovin' both of these and I hope Elizabeth loves them too. 

noah @ 1 month


I am so thankful we were able to make the drive to Maryland to visit Elizabeth and get to meet our newest grandson, Noah within his first month of life. We did nothing while we visited except be together and it was wonderful! 

Seeing albums of a baby's first year spurred me on to finally get an album started for at least one of my grandchild's (since I've missed the first year of my other three) therefore, Elizabeth (and Noah eventually) will reap the benefit.

For the 1st year photo book for Elizabeth of Noah I am using an older Ali Edwards template set that I picked up when she was selling at Designer Digitals. My plan is to create pages that 1) I'll print 8 x 8 individual photos to put into an album for myself and, 2) I'll compile all of the photos (of pages) and once I have Noah's 1st year I'll create and gift a hardbound book for Elizabeth. Her part of this project is 1) taking lots of pictures throughout the month and, 2) keeping track of what happens during the month.

Above is the 1st month's opening pages. I'm hoping to at the very least be able to create another double page of photos. Each of the opening pages will be similar with the month, journaling of 'all about Noah' for the month, and a favorite photo.


The front page (and maybe the cover of Elizabeth's book) will have a 12 photo collection of Noah as he progresses in age. Elizabeth purchased these darling little iron-on 'monthly' ties so she could take a picture on the 1st of each month (Noah was born September 1). Each month I'll include one of those photos onto this page and probably include them spattered withing that months set of pages too.

This is a loooong process and heavily relying on Elizabeth to take pictures and keep track of Noah happenings and successes. But looking forward to it also.