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30 Days of Thankful | 2

30 Days of Thankful | 1


For the past 3 years (2012, 2013, and 2014) now I have, in addition to my 52 Gratitudes project (2013, 2014, 2015) I have been noting thirty straight days of thankfulness in November.

It's a good time to do it.

The year is almost over. One of my favorite seasons is just around the corner. Alot has happened to just be thankful for.

Each year I change up the digital format and this year's album will be no different, no different as in I'm changing things up.

This little guy, I do mean album, is an 8 x 8's the thing, though. I need to find a turquoise/teal 8 x 8 album...two-page spread, one side is the photo and the other side is the journaling. This year I won't limit myself to just a few words but may even tell a full-on thankful story.

I really like this format and I'm super excited about this years album.