30, I mean 60, new books in 2015.
30 Days of Thankful | 4

30 Days of Thankful | 3


Continuing with my 30 Days of Thankful.

30 Days of Thankful  |  3



Books are at the tops of my list of favorite past times. While not a super-serious reader, over the years I've struggled to read new books. Just pick various books off the bookstore shelves or library shelves and read to my hearts content. I'll get through one or two from a stack then lose interest and the rest of the books will be returned to the library or the purchased books will go on my burgeoning shelf of still unread new books. 

But, last year I made a plan to read 30 new books and when I accomplished that I figured this year I could do it too. I modified my plan half way through to 60 new books this year. Regular reading, visiting the library, and bookstores, and scouring blogs for 'good read' recommendations and I'm certain I'll meet my goal.

So thankful for this luxury, because I don't take it for granted one bit, of reading.