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60 New Books in 2015.


My read more new books in 2015 project continues with a couple of good reads. After watching the movie War Room and completing the Bible study, The Armor of God by Priscilla Shirer it wasn't surprising that I'd pick up her book, Fervant that basically accompanies the study and compliments the movie. I loved the book!

I also read the autobiography by Gretchen Carlson, Getting Real. I haven't read an autobiography in along time (I think the last one was by Billy Graham) and I find them intriguing. That said, I'm not sure I liked hers. It wasn't bad and she talked about some interesting things but Getting Real for a title would say to me that the good and the bad would be 'revealed' and unless she had such a sugar-coated life as read in her book I'm not sure she really got real with the audience. I think she was transparent in some parts but there seem to be some things, maybe, left out.

The life-changing magic of tidying up. Putting the condescending attitude aside, attributed most-probably to her heritage, and tucking unrealistic visions into the far-reaches of the attic, I did like the book. It wasn't life-changing. Nor magical. I did, however, immediately purge my side of the closet of clothes and my costume jewelry. One note: if one lives with those with any degree of hoarding and they have no desire to purge and simplify what should be done? Does the author just assume that someone will disregard the wishes of another, like the she did with her family, and purge and simplify and tidy up for them? I think not! This is not going to happen! While I do not like the amount of 'stuff' we have I am not going to force my family to purge, simplify, or 'tidy up'. All that said, there are some good points in there. Loved how to fold things for drawers...