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date night album


I'm building a date night album one page at a time. Honestly, I haven't decided if I will gather all our date photos from past dates or just begin from today. I've already made pages of a ton of dates, regular 12 x 12 size but I've been so inspired by the 6 x 8 size album and I recently picked up a turquoise 6 x 8 leather album with protectors and I hadn't decided what to do with the album. I just knew at some point I'd make a 6 x 8 album.

So, a date night album it is.

This is the album front page cover. I used a stamp set from Ali Edwards' BUILD story kit and turned it into a chipboard set. I love how it turned out!


I even put together the first two-page 6 x 8 of our most recent date night. 

I absolutely love how it turned out. I'm not creative when it comes to embellishments so I'm pretty much going to keep it pretty clean and simple. 


Date nights are such an integral part of our life together that it seems only, well, necessary, to document this fun part. We've changed things up over the years from one night a month date night, then twice a month, and now we are dating once a week. It is our time together, even if it's just dinner, to relax, communicate, share a meal, decompress, watch a movie, walk the beach, whatever our hearts desire...and whatever our pocket book can afford.


We went to the Six Pence Pub on Bull Street, downtown Savannah, the night before Halloween no less, when lots of crazy's were out (in a good way). We had a lot to talk about, shared a great meal at the bar, I drank a Jameson Irish Coffee and watched the people come and go.