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stories 2015 | wood splittin'


It may seem mundane. Or weird. Making a scrapbook page of Jeff, John, and Jarrod splitting wood but, man, this is life around here. Twice a year these guys do this thing. First, they spend an afternoon here and another there chopping wood, both ax and saw chopping, because there is always someone who has a fell tree that needs cleared of their property. Then they spend a day with a rented wood splitter, that I may or may not have had to pick up from the rental company, splitting a truckbed of logs into an enormous stack of split wood.

And they do this all for their Boy Scout Troops Boston Butt cook and fundraiser. And don't get me started on the amount of time and effort they put into those. Ok, twist my arm: generally, for Jeff, about 36 straight hours of backbreaking work from retrieving the cookers, prepping the cookers, to cooking the butts, stoking the fires, to cleaning the cookers, and then returning the cookers to their owners.

Don't get me wrong, when all is said and done we usually have anywhere from 3-5 smoked Boston Butts tucked away in our freezer to be enjoyed fully sometime later.



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