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52 Gratitudes 2015 | Finishing out the year.




Finishing out the year strong with my 52 Gratitudes project. It is a wonderful lesson to wrap up in. Amidst a trying year giving thanks, being grateful has been one of the positives I've held onto in order to sustain. It has now been 3 years I've done this project and while it may seem like it is time to move on to another project, I decided I need to amp up this project, instead. 

In honor of my One Little Word for 2016 - GIVE, my 52 Gratitudes will be called GIVE thanks. I purchased these (below) from Val Marie Paper and rather than photograph and journal digitally as I have been doing for years, I will be hand writing my gratitudes, my thankfulness, over the course of the year. Daily, weekly, at a minimum.


Each gratitude journal has 1000 lines and I bought two - just in case! I will have plenty of room to GIVE thanks to God over the course of the year. Will I blog this project? Yes, I think so. In some way - I'm just not sure how yet. But, I am very excited to take pen to paper and hand-write my thanks, my gratitudes, my gratefulness to God. He deserves it!