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December Daily 2015 | 10


I'm slowly plugging away at this December stories album. With 'day' 10, or story #10 complete I only have 15 more to go and there are still plenty I have on my list to tell about. Keeping my digital pages simple has been so freeing and I see actually completing this album. Of the four years or so I've done December Daily I've only ever completed one and partials of others. But, I actually see myself finishing this album and I'm so excited about that.

Traditional Santa hats worn by the boys (only they're not really boys anymore). And Joan's tree skirt she brought with her when she moved in with us last year around the tree for the second Christmas. This year, because our tree is so small Jeff had to build a box for the tree and tree stand to set on. The skirt wraps nicely around both. Makes watering the tree easier too.

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