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best Christmas ever.

December Daily 2015 | 13


'Tis true. I'm losing momentum in this December Daily but there are still simple little stories to tell. This is another story I've been pondering for awhile. Actually, for weeks, each Wednesday and Sunday I walk through our church doors and see that awesome sweater-like backdrop set up for 'selfies' of each families #bestchristmasever. Honestly, I couldn't name just one. Again, honestly, I don't think there is just one. The year Ashley and the boys were staying with us over Christmas. The year we began the tradition of giving one gift from each person. The year we began going to Brewers Tree Farm to cut down our own tree, which has since become a tradition. The year we began giving Jesus gifts in various ways. 

I'm thinking the best Christmas ever will be the ones we keep Jesus in our hearts and minds, embrace the spirit of giving instead of receiving, filled with laughter and merry and peace in our home.



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