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a list of my greatest comforts.

the handmade quilt of my dad's old shirts  ~ my red chair ~ the infallible Word of God ~ my journals ~ a steaming cup of flavored creamy coffee ~ a blistering hot shower ~ all my blue and white bedroom quilts ~ pajamas after a long, sometimes painful day at work ~ date nights with Jeff ~ dropping into the pool to swim laps ~ a clean, organized, minimalist home ~ sunrises each morning ~ my husband ~ laughter ~ the unending, gracious, merciful love of God ~ listening to Christian music ~ camping with Jeff and the boys ~ J.D. Robb novels ~ homemade pizza and family movie night ~ all the scrapbook albums I've made filled with treasured memories ~ the window opened, the fan on in chilly weather, snuggled under mounds of blankets ~ reading aloud to the boys ~ Jeff praying ~ Jeff reaching for my hand to hold ~ writing blessings upon blessings to God ~ homemade noodles and chicken soup with homemade bread smothered with real butter ~ the sound of Ian calling for Pop Pop, 'where's Pop Pop.' ~ thunderstorms, truly ~ a Capella singers ~ walking on the beach in the winter or the summer ~ my Mom's cinnamon rolls made by Mom ~ bookstores, and libraries ~ rustic, smokey campfires with or without roasted marshmallows ~ hearing my husband say, 'Good Morning, Gorgeous'  ~ curling up in front of the television for a long run of a television series ~