project life 2016 plans.

date night


Our date night consisted of dinner and Lowes. Yes, you read that correctly, Lowes. We checked out supplies for the front steps. Now, let's talk Sly's Sliders at Abercorn and 34th street downtown Savannah. A small eatery but on point sliders and fries. We ordered 4 different sliders, two for each person, but we both tried a bite of all 4. I liked the two I ordered and Jeff liked his two. Jeff had The Boardwalk and the Uncle Reuben while I had Li'l Angel and Pain Don't Hurt. Yum! We will definitely be back with plans to try the slider dogs next time.


We had the opportunity to buy a meal for a homeless man. He asked for cash but after he first said he was hungry. Jeff assured him he'd order him food (which we did) but he wouldn't give him cash. The man didn't want us to disrespect him. Buying him a meal I don't believe is disrespecting him at all.


This date night album is a 6 x 8 size which I have fallen hard for. Less overwhelming. Perfect for the few photos we normally take during one date night. I used One Little Bird and Paislee Press digital products, two of my go-to designers.