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Good Morning. The Sons of Thunder Academy, the little homeschool that could, six years later is almost finished. In their last semester of high school, John and Jarrod, Sons of Thunder, are attending Point University's dual-enrollment classes where they receive high school credit for each class - and college credit. The biggest blessing. It's free. Last semester they completed three of the four classes they still needed to graduate high school using GA standards for high school graduates: College Algebra (Advanced Algebra), College Biology with a Lab (Advanced Biology), and Critical Reading and Writing I. Because they still needed an economics course they are currently enrolled in Macro-Economics, and Critical Reading and Writing II because they liked their teacher last semester, and Western Civilization. 

College-level courses have been an adjustment and at times a struggle for the Sons of Thunder. We have been in some deep waters, even more so, because the Sons of Thunder have wanted me to 'be there only if I'm needed' rather than direct and guide and oversee and schedule. While I've experienced moments of fear and struggle as a homeschool mom still responsible for my sons learning experience, I am certain this, spreading of their wings, accepting responsibility for their own work, will benefit them immensely for the future.

And, although I have had to extricate myself from their college-level classes, I do however, have total involvement in their Bible lessons. After completing Beth Moore's Jesus, the One and Only over the summer we completed Living Beyond Yourself (lessons on the Fruit of the Spirit), Priscilla Shirer's Armor of God, and currently, we are back with a Beth Moore study, The Patriarchs, and actually have this Bible study almost completed. 


Our next study will be Beth Moore's study on the life and ministry of John, The Beloved Disciple

We've recently attended a mandatory pre-graduation meeting and I've since ordered their cap and gowns to check off an item on the pre-graduation checklist. I'm presently creating a 'save the date' invitation to send out to family, since, gauging by attendance at the pre-graduation meetings, it will be a large-for-an-homeschool graduation, around 25 graduates, therefore, space will be limited.  I will need to put a program bio together for each of Son of Thunder, their dad will record a 1-minute speech for each, and the Sons of Thunder will write a 1-minute speech for their graduation ceremony. Christian-based homeschool-driven graduation ceremonies are unique, personable, and inspiring. I'm looking forward to seeing the culmination of our years of homeschooling come to an end with the Sons of Thunder receiving their diploma.