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a list of my current dreams.

I dream of swimming at least four times a week and reaching two mile swims - again.

I dream of one day teaching college students.

I dream of a scrap studio and office that is clean, organized, and spurs creativity.

I still dream of the day I will have a meteorology job forecasting the weather.

I dream of a front porch and back deck

I dream of being part of international mission trips

I dream of traveling the world beyond places I've already seen, to Nova Scotia, Ireland, Australia, Alaska...

I dream of seeing my grandkids regularly and having a positive influence for Christ in their lives

I dream of lost pounds, being quite a bit smaller, and feeling strong and healthy.

I dream of remission for my rheumatoid arthritis, and relief from my back and sciatic pains.

I dream of one day taking a photography course and truly capture life through the lens.

I dream of simplifying my life, purging 'things', organizing spaces, and only holding on to things I love.

I dream of standing before Christ one day and hearing him say, as he gently raises my eyes to his, "Well done, good and faithful servant."