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Small Groups that Work by Mark Ingmire

As I am intimately familiar with the concept of small groups, Jeff and I host a small group in our home every Sunday night for the past 7 years or so, I flew through this book by Mark Ingmire, who I also know personally. He used to be a pastor at our church over small groups. He knows the subject matter - Small Groups. The writing is simplistic, conversational, but very helpful. I walked away with quite a few take-aways that I'll be sharing with Jeff.

Small Groups are just that a small, intimate group of people who do life together through fellowship, prayer, bible study, serving, and serving each other. We have found them to be a necessary part of our life. Necessary! It is truly a need we have for our life. Could we do life without a small group? Honestly, we've been in a small group for over 15 years and as we've faced some of the life-impacting challenges we have within a small group, I'm not sure we are supposed to face life's challenges without small groups.

The current makeup of our group is mostly with people very near our ages, although we do have a couple single folks (near our age). Most have kids between teens to grown (and one with a bit younger). We all love the Word of God and quite honestly I think studying the Word is our primary focus within this group. But, we do love to fellowship, too.