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The Daniel Prayer: Prayer that Moves Heaven and Changes Nations

The title alone, prayer that moves Heaven, prayer that changes nations. Is it possible for my prayers to make a difference. Can I come before the throne of God and change - nations, change my circumstances, change my attitude, change my heart. Will heaven move through my prayers. I'd never read anything by Anne Graham Lotz but her writing makes it easy to read and she is spot-on in subject matter. The only time I've heard her is on her Daily Light spot on HIS Radio 91.9. But, man, this book had me taking page after page after page of notes for review and more importantly, application. I never once said, "Huh, that sounds questionable to me." But, instead, she was sound in Scripture and doctrine. And, while I've read other books on prayer, this one....this one is the best! I was inspired tremendously.

Anne breaks down and reveals verses of the Daniel Prayer within the manuscript with perfect timing and perfect clarity. I'd read a review from someone before reading the book (because I always read reviews in my decision-making to read or not read a book) that said Anne doesn't cover the Daniel Prayer verses by verses but she actually does cleverly, carefully, and effectively.

I've put this book on my for keeps shelf - for now - but, I'm certain I'll pull it out again and again.

Rating: 10.0