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Photo taken by Lynne Leftwich (a friend who goes to our church)

reading aloud to John and Jarrod the Harry Potter series, beginning with Harry Potter and the Sorcerers (Philosophers) Stone. This is a great time! The boys spent their last year of high school at Point University with other responsibilities and no time for Mom to read aloud, even for enjoyment. As they are taking a year off before college we are making the time to do something we enjoy immensely. Me reading aloud is something we enjoy!

creating pages and pages of Project Life for May. It was a busy, eventful, fascinating month. Looks like I'll be able to call it good at 6, 2-page spreads

slowing down this month from a busy, eventful, fascinating month of May.

inviting peace into my home. Desperately need some peace.

struggling at times with various pain levels in my back and hip which sometimes translates down my leg. And then there are the headaches from pinched nerves. Nuts! But, the days of recently...such bliss and


running on emotional upheaval lately. 

celebrating a grandson's birthday and Father's Day. Ian received his gift and flipped (in a really good way), but for Jeff - hum? Maybe new work boots

missing tremendously good hearty gut-wrenching, stomach-aching laughter brought on by my seriously hilarious and quick-witted daughter, Ashley.

studying The Children of the Day, a Beth Moore study. We only have two weeks next. We're not sure what we're going to do next. I just ordered A Women's Heart by Beth Moore. It is a study on the Tabernacle. Really looking forward to it. A Women's Heart was my first Beth Moore study I ever did - so it's been awhile and will be fresh and new.

Exciting news. The boys have real jobs! A friend of Jeff's who goes to our church owns a large lawn care company and hired John and Jarrod on his irrigation team and ground maintenance team, respectively. They start today!

Driving lessons for John and Jarrod. We decided rather than put ourselves through the emotional turmoil of teaching the boys how to drive we'd let the professionals do it. Thus far, both boys have received rave reviews by their various instructors with their knowledge of rules of the road and all-around driving knowledge. They are doing so well! We are using and I can't say enough about this amazing service. Plus, they get to drive around in a Cooper Mini!

Worshiping God in our new 2100-seat worship center for the first time - fabulous! Welcome to our new home!