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Menu Plans | July 2016

Italian Tortellini Salad


Inspired by Will Cook For Smiles and From the Pod. Aside from a dressing debacle, which I refashioned from Will Cook For Smiles and thought was quite bland and oily, and will redefine the ingredients for next time because the dressing could have made this salad something special, the combined ingredients to this Italian-flared tortellini salad was delightful. Silky smooth mozzarella balls, with bursting organic cherry tomatoes, al dente cheesy tortellini's, a mild zing of pepproncini peppers, and hearty Italian meats of Genoa salami and thick-sliced pepperoni combined to make a filling side dish - or main dish for the summer. Once I refine that dressing, probably going with more of a dressing like From the Pod, I'll definitely be making this again. Perfect for a small group get together when we gather for fellowship - and food!