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Menu Plans | July 2016

July 2016 Menu Plan

Summer is for salads. No less than three main dish salads plus three side salads planned for the month of July. I will make extra Sunday morning Elevate breakfasts of Cowboy Quiche and Monterrey Sausage pie for us to munch on through the week for our own breakfasts. Lots of sandwich-type meals in store: Reubens, an old favorite - and super easy, Patty melts to die for, and a new recipe: a steak sandwich with grilled onions and arugula - yum! Simple fare like the new recipe of Shrimp with Honey Garlic sauce with a loaf of crusty bread for scooping up the sauce and a salad; easy on the budget with salads and breakfasts for dinner, easy on the preparation, or cooking like Jalisco Taco Salad, and just plain ole' good.

I decided not to shake things up this month because our lives are already shaking up elsewhere. Amidst the rampant changes, simple fare sounds just fine to me and adds to my calm.