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Project Life 2016 | May (Part 4)

Project Life 2016 | May (Part 3)


Project Life 2016. May (Part 3) - These pages are all about our romantic anniversary trip to the Red Horse Inn in Landrum, South Carolina, at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Can I say this? A-MAZING! Blown away, amazing! And, let me say this also - we love the historic district of Charleston, South Carolina, a frequently visited spot, especially as a favorite anniversary or double-birthday trip, but, I do believe The Red Horse Inn will be on our list of possible weekend getaway spots in future plans. Honestly, although the photos on their website were pretty sweet offerings, they just don't do the experience, the view, the cottages, the real-deal, justice. Every inch of this sprawling acreage of rolling, richly green, perfectly manicured hills, tucked out of the way of anything big city, was carefully and brilliantly crafted, curated, and created for their guests pleasure and privacy.

The big house (check-in, conference location, with intimate dining room) sits atop a hill looking down and up again, with a gorgeous view of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the pasture views for their horse, Secretary, grandson of Secretariat, and several of their scattered cottages, including The Grainary where we enjoyed peace and tranquility within a luxurious abode. Blooming flowers carefully tendered but unrestrained, graveled roads rutted perfectly allowing raging waters from thunderstorm rains to drain swiftly, the secluded cottages tucked behind beautifully-kept trees and shrubs, and the brilliantly arranged cottages for the best views possible.


We were greeted by a sweet pair of ducks and ducklings swimming in the small pond as we entered the property, up the graveled hill to the big house, perfectly groomed at the highest hill of the sprawling 160 acres of The Red Horse Inn. Although check-in wasn't until 4 pm we stopped by to scope out the area. Mary, the owner and curator of the inn welcomed us excitedly (but, did hold us to their 4 pm check-in - which I thought was brilliant), explained their check-in process, and gave us some tips for exploring the area while we waited for check-in. We took them up on their offer (Project Life 2016 - May (Part 4).

Jeff called Secretary, after hearing about his story, when we headed back outside to take a look and drive, with more leisure, at the views and property.

Our cottage was their top-of-the-line bed and breakfast, exquisitely decorated, spotless from top to bottom (Read: every nook and cranny was clean!) - luxurious, romantic, serene, relaxing, and calming. Rocking chairs on the front porch where we sat and read while gazing across the pastures and hills, or watching thunderstorms come over the mountains. The bedroom was set for romance as we were greeted with rose petals and a note from the curator, beautiful decor and comfortable bed. There were only two negatives about our stay, one of them, while the bed was very comfortable, because of my height it was difficult for me to climb into the very high off the floor bed. I suggested to Mary a footstool tucked under the bed for us short people:)  


We took everything slow this weekend and because the cottage had everything we needed we were so relaxed and refreshed. While it is a bed and breakfast they will offer dinners for two for additional cost which we took them up on one evening when we had a Pizza Party delivered to our cottage. They also have gourmet entrees, too. The first evening we were at The Red Horse Inn we took them up on a recommendation and visited a local Landrum eatery, the Hare and the Hound Pub. Yummy! We had Fried Pickle Chips for an appetizer which were the best pickle chips I've ever had. I had their Tuna Melt and Jeff had the Reuben - both were good. While waiting outside to be called to seat we spotted across the street an Amish Furniture store with a side patio of colored Adirondacks and deck furniture. Ah, yes! Make my heart go pitter-patter, why don't you!

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