Project Life 2016 | May (Part 3)
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Project Life 2016 | May (Part 4)


One of the big events for our family in May was our twin boys', John and Jarrod, high school graduation. As homeschoolers we joined a local homeschool organization, Family Education For Christ, who, besides many other school-related events, hosts an official graduation ceremony. It meant Save the Date invites were made and a graduation party to plan. The boys donned a cap and gown and walked across the stage after first giving a little speech. Each graduate spoke for about 1 minute, much different from traditional school graduations. The boys' graduation was in a church. We sang hymns. The kids were prayed over. Each graduate spoke. Photos (15 each) ran of the graduates while each graduates father spoke a minute's worth of love and encouragement.


Christian Jennette Photography visited our home the day of graduation...I know, seriously! Hire a photographer on a day we have everything else going on - but it was actually - perfect! Chrissie grabbed a photo of the 'bros' in their cap and gown. I loved it and knew it would go into this page.


A long but truly wonderful day. EVERYONE pitched in to make John and Jarrod's day fantastic! The grandmothers, the sisters, and the brother-in-law (who by the way was simply AMAZING all weekend) made sure the party was a go, clean house, decorations up (including the giant photos of John and Jarrod covering our living room and dining room wall (the 'this is so cool' photo above is our giant living room wall with the giant black and white engineer print size photos stapled to our wall). They were the talk of the party!

Another memorable moment, literally a moment: If you've seen the movie The Princess Bride, the part towards the end when the priest is marrying Princess Humperdinck and Buttercup and he say's, "Marriage. Marriage is what brings us together today." (You can check it out!) 

Now, replace marriage with graduation.

Graduation. Graduation is what brings us together today.

In that same voice.

Yep, Jarrod said it.

First graduate to give his speech.

And, he nailed it!

The crowd roared, hooted, and hollered with cheers! 

Perfect opening to the graduation of homeschoolers. They are quite the creative bunch!

Just. A. Really. Good. Day.


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