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Project Life 2016 | May (Part 2)

Project Life 2016 | May (Part 1)


Continuing my monthly Project Life project, I have quite a few pages to insert into my 2016 album for the month of May as it was an event-filled month. Lots of pictures, tons of stories that need telling. I'll be sharing two-pages each over the course of a couple days of posts: the stories, the photographs, the present participles, and the products I used.


I love this 'present participle' two-page layout for it's uniformity, it's simplicity (photos+words+zero embellishments), and the stories I've told. Products I used: Ali Edwards brushes, CZ templates, Paislee Press templates, plus, my own brushes.

These pages offer a brush over of our month, some fairly complete stories and some, just pieces of stories which I recant more fully on other pages (to share in other posts).

I'm wearing a new haircut and hair color. We're listening to HIS Radio 91.9, cranking the volume to an eardrum-busting level and rockin' out to the amazing sounds of The River by Jordan Feliz.

We finished Dowton Abbey Season 6 in early May and I purchased the first season of Castle, and now we're watching and are hooked on Castle!

Still reading new books. But, I only read 4 new books this month. I'm not sure why?

That was sarcasm.

I've been a little busy.

Celebrating an anniversary, Mother's Day, and a high school graduation.

Eating new recipes with my 50 States 50 Recipes project and other new fares thrown in to our mix of recipes to try, enjoy, or toss.


Lot's of playing. The graduation party headed outside with some lawn ball (you know, instead of beach ball). Lot's of fun, even if the graduates were still sporting their nice, graduation clothes.

Kayaking was amazing. Jeff and I went white water kayaking. It was hard. I dumped in the water. I got exhausted. I cried. I hit a couple more rapids and almost dumped again. I had enough. I can't wait to go again. Green River Adventures was the rafting company we used out of Saluda, South Carolina. A-MAZING! Our female guide, for the life of me I can't remember her name, was phenomenal. Little thing that she was, she pulled me out of the water, got me to safety, and kept encouraging me through the entire ordeal of dumping in the water.

Received wonderful Mother's Day gifts between the beautiful flowers from Ashley and loving the gorgeous lawn glider and Adirondacks from Jeff and the boys.

Celebrating our 22nd wedding anniversary at the Red Horse Inn in Landrum, South Carolina. Awesome!

John and Jarrod with their best friend Kirsten wearing their caps and gowns, relaxing and having fun together before graduation ceremonies. 

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