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This may - or may not - be the last of the graduation pages I make of the really cool graduation of my homeschooled twin boys, John and Jarrod. This page is all about This I Know For Sure #001 - 005 from Ali Edwards' Story Kit Believe. I created a 12 x 12 page with gray cardstock and covered it with photos of the boys' graduation pictures which are a mix of the professional photos we had done and those we took around the house and at the church where the boys graduated. Mostly, just John and Jarrod but I included a couple with Kirsten, their best friend from homeschool co-op. I LOVE how it and the additional 6 x 12 journal page turned out. 


Ali's kits a very versatile and the Believe kit was perfect for a graduation page. I did use a template by Yin Designs which I modified heavily (mostly enlarging all of the photos). I love her templates for the simple fact she includes so many photos.

This pages' journal talks about how homeschooling the boys from 7th grade through their Senior year was one of the best decisions we've ever made regarding the kids and we wouldn't have wanted it any other way. While I didn't say it here it truly was God moving, allowing everything to fall into place, every step of the way, year after year, how each year was a little different but He worked it ALL out. Even their Senior year when I moved to day shifts and they moved up into Dual Enrollment at Point University. 


This I know For Sure #001 - Reading Aloud to John and Jarrod

This I know For Sure #002 - The Hobbit and The Lord of the Ring trilogy were our most favorite books read from 7th - 12th grade.

This I know For Sure #003 - SAXON Math, while a really good move for John and Jarrod, and the way they learn, Math was their least favorite subject even though the made it through Pre-Calculus and Advanced Math plus College Algebra. And their not that bad at math, either.

This I know For Sure #004 - Joining Kingdom Builders Co-op in their 8th grade years was another great move for us with regards to homeschool. They took some great classes with some super Mom-Teachers, met some great kids, and I got to teach Meteorology.

This I know For Sure #005 - Dual Enrollment their Senior year was another good move. And with 19 college credit hours already under their belt they're off to a great college start.