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There is a fine line often with what to share and not to share. This page tells enough of the story that I'll remember the pain and difficulty, but years down the road when we even have more years under us, I'll be able to say, "We are overcomers!" So, I told our story. And even in the midst of the struggle, I realized that, yes, we did still go on date nights - no matter what - and God's got us. He believes in us and I believe in us.

I think we might be climbing out of the valley now heading upward to the mountain - closer, ever closer to each other - and to God. It is my daily walk with God that kept me, and Jeff's relationship with God that kept him - us - together. So, we're good! Tough things can be talked about openly, shared, maybe so we can find all the good out of the bad because with every good we find, it's not so bad. 

So, digitally speaking, I used Ali Edwards Story kits, mostly the Believe kit, but a few pieces from others and a Paislee Press paper.