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With the focus on the photos, I made this page with a couple photos from our CJ Photography season the day the boys graduated. Jarrod is very photogenic just like his dad. Rarely does he(they) take a bad picture. I modified a digital template in my stash only slightly to accommodate a larger second photo as it originally had a smaller photo at the bottom. Several months ago when I was creating the Save the Date announcements for their graduation I had purchased a digital kit that had the graduates' cap, those great stars, and the Key to Success. I do prefer more photos to my pages but I really like this one now that it has all come together.

As a family we began the homeschool process later in their education, the 7th grade, probably at one of the hardest times, and we had know idea for how long we'd undertake this educational endeavor. But, year after year it was a good fit. God worked things out that I could work full time even in their high school years and still homeschool and teach a our homeschool co-op. And this last year, their senior year, when Jarrod and his brother John took dual enrollment classes, everything they needed to graduate plus earn college credit we were still able to make everything fit nicely.

Granted, there were some struggles all the way to the end. And this made the boys realize they needed a break from school for a year. Earn some money. Take a couple more SATs to boost their scores. Change a mindset. It's ok. As a parent I wish so much for my kids but as my husband told me this morning, "They're almost 19; we can give them guidance and advice but we can't do it for them. They may had to learn some lessons the hard way." Like this morning, we told them when their dad was walking out the door to drop them off at their new job (we're doing this for them until they get their drivers license). They have to eat breakfast and pack a lunch, fill camobaks, and grab work gear. At 4:30 we hadn't seen them or heard them stir. They would be out the door at 5:15. Jeff and I were dumbfounded! So - their first morning of their new job was rushed. But, it wouldn't have had to be if they'd taken our advice. Hard knocks.

On the other side of one triumph there is usually a failure. Or, at least, a misstep - or setback. Sure, there are some who seemingly never fail - but, I doubt that is true. And while they (John and Jarrod) woke up late today for their first day of work, just last week during their driving education their instructors raved about their rules of the road and general driving knowledge and abilities.