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August 2016 Menu

For August's menu it's all about bringing back the old and introducing some new. 

A couple old favorites that we haven't had in a very long time, maybe even a half a year or so is Evil Meatball Subs. These delightfully decadent and evil subs are made with ground chuck and - wait for it - wait for it -


Smothered in a peppery, spicy tomato sauce on crusty rolls, these subs are truly evil.

Chicken Enchiladas is another favorite we haven't had in months. So long ago the men in my house are asking, "When are we going to have chicken enchiladas again?" I promised to put them on the menu this month. They're an old favorite filled with chicken, green chilies, sour cream, and cheese smothered in more cheese. They are delicious!

Shrimp and Grits with Andouille sausage and red eye gravy. This is mostly an old favorite of mine. Jeff likes it and the boys will eat it (they eat the grits separate from the shrimp and sausage gravy - they're nuts! But, I still love them). This is a Diner's, Drive-Ins, and Dives highlighted restaurant recipe that I was so glad it was posted on Food Networks website. I made little change to the original recipe because it is just so good as is.

Spaghetti. I know, right? It's crazy, but we hardly ever eat spaghetti anymore. Just plain, ole spaghetti with meat sauce. So it's back on the menu.

Not surprising, I have one new recipe each week to look forward to: Smothered Green Beans, smothered with bacon and onions, of course; Funeral Potatoes. Seriously, I've never made this old time traditional side dish that people take to funerals - so I'm told. I do remember a wonderful dish served at Jeff's Dad's funeral that was yummy! I think it had cream cheese in it. It was a rich and cheesy potato dish. Wish I had the recipe. Balsamic Honey and Mustard Pork Chops, an exciting mix of flavors but very simple to make. Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Popper Stuffed Chicken, I mean - come on, bacon and jalapeno and cheese - YES! And, finally, Blackened Shrimp with Cajun Garlic Butter. You had me at blackened. And if that wouldn't have done it - Shrimp!