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Currently | July 2016


Plowing through A. W. Tozer's The Crucified Life, as if lead by an hard-working aged mule. Slowly. But, effectively.

Studying A Woman's Heart by Beth Moore with John and Jarrod for our weekly Bible lessons. 

Rejoicing with Joan that she has a place of her own and she seems to be adjusting well.

Celebrating John and Jarrod's birthday this month.

Planning a painting project for my bedroom. Something similar to this, but in these colors.

Creating needs to be apart of my life again. I have an amazing Pinterest board called CREATE52. I'm heading over there and finding something to create.

Laughing hard at our church's summer dinner theater, Arsenic and Lace. Jeff, the boys and I, with the boys' friend Kirsten attended Savannah Christian Church's re-make of the 1941 classic, Arsenic and Lace. It was loads of fun. Good food, good company, good play.

Swimming needs to be apart of my life again, too.

Believing without a doubt there is but One Hope for our lost, battered, broken world. And His name is Jesus.

Waiting anxiously for a pair of lamps for our living room.

Hoping, seriously hoping, my sons get jobs soon!

Loving more pain-free days than painful days. Except for mild hip and low back pain, like a 1 on the pain level scale, for about three weeks I have been pain-free. It has been glorious! I still can't do too much but I have been able to walk without a hit of pain for much of the day. It's been sooo good.

Pinning Traveler's Notebook Inspiration, Mugs I love, and of course Project Life inspiration.

Watching Bones (just began Season 6) and Castle (we're at Season 5 - I think). We have a family pizza and a movie night this Saturday and we'll be watching the movie Allegient - the last of the Divergent series.

Scrapping albums for the Trumps, the Dentons, and the Adkinsons - all gifts. The Dentons are on a whirlwind 6-month US traveling vacation. For the Adkinsons - it's all about Tucker and Silas (1) I'll finish the year out, and (2) I'm not sure what I'm gonna' do after that now that they're having another set of twins. And the Trumps, I'm getting as many pages in for them with their adopted 5 kids - the highs and the lows - because with time they'll be more highs then lows. Regular facebook posts from all of them with journaling makes it easy to grab the photos and put pages together.

Beginning in August, I will be challenging myself for 30 days of...(I'll share in August:)