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Around here.


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Around here we're in a bit of an upheaval here.

Around here life is changing. Not necessarily for the better - or for the worse. Just changes.

Around here it is one thing we can always count on. Life will be about changes.

Around here the operational tempo at Jeff's job site is about to pick up even more as they wind down to job completion and turn the building over to it's owners. Stressful situations, tempers flying, frustrations not being handled well. The work Jeff has done for this 50+ million dollar project has been amazing, but he is very ready to move onto the next project - with an interim downtime when he has surgery on his foot and he'll be recuperating. We're praying for a Savannah job site next. Less drive time means he might not have to leave work so early, nor arrive home so late. It would be a welcome change.

Around here John and Jarrod were working full time at a lawn care service organization. The owner goes to our church. My young men have had years of experience in lawn care with their own business. It seemed a good fit. But, it's hard, backbreaking, exhausting work. They've gone from hours of down time to very little free time before it is time to go to bed, or get up for work. Navigating these changes have been a huge adjustment which they haven't necessarily fared well, or are faring well. They're experiencing life after high school. They chose not to attend college this year which meant they needed jobs! I'm not sure what they expected. But, they wake up at 4 am, get dressed in their work uniform, eat breakfast, pack their lunches, and they usually have enough time to finish their Bible study. They come home, eat dinner, wash up remaining dishes I haven't already taken care of, get showers, maybe an hour of television or reading, and off to bed. Struggling through the changes - and then boom, just like that some things happened at their jobs (no water for 4 hours because the crew lead leaves with the water cooler - in 98 degree weather and takes his lunch; the owner gives a safety briefing one day about the necessity of drinking plenty of water and short breaks in shade to prevent heat stroke and the very next day throws safety out the window and tells his workers to disregard their health and well-being) and we are not allowing them to return to the unsafe environment. The boys were disappointed they saw the duplicity of a man who is one person at church and another in his business. 

Around here one thing that isn't changing. John, Jarrod, and I are going to continue our Bible study together. Sure, the day of our study together is changing, but we're staying in the Word. Because the Word of God will never return void (Isaiah 55:11) this time together, our study time, will grow us, grow them.

Around here these two were taking driving lessons and have been driving (with Jeff), oh, the places they go. A Cooper mini, with driversed.com plastered all over its body, pulled up to our drive way and picked them up for their two-hour block lessons and then the Cooper mini returned and dropped them back off with their grade report of their driving. It's a pretty cool set up! This change, my young men driving, has been a crawling, laborious, begrudging change. This will also mean higher car insurance rates for us, bills to pay for them, so, interesting changes ahead.

Around here because John and Jarrod were working, this means every bit of dinner, including preparations which John and Jarrod would always help with, are now on me. On pain free days - no problem. On pain full days - it's, well, - painful. Thus, for our July menu, I am making it super easy on myself: Salads, requiring no cooking, just preparation (if I need to I can prep vegetables sitting down); sandwiches with little preparation, pasta's which require little preparation and light on the dish-dirtying business. I'll spread food preparation out over a couple of hours, if possible. I'll change things up without hesitation if my body just can't handle the work. I'll be giving myself the grace to say, "I'll meet you at...for dinner."

Around here one of the most dramatic changes is Joan will be moving out of our house into an independent living home. We've visited the home and we were all blown away by this opportunity. The lady who runs the facility was gracious and endearing. I fell for her sweet playful disposition and the home immediately and it made it so much easier going forward. It is a wonderful opportunity for Joan and a new adventure. I'm praying she flourishes!

Around here we don't like to think of ourselves as failures. I wanted, hoped for, doing this mother-in-law living with me well, but, even after hours and hours of spiritual counseling, digging hard into the Word of God for guidance, I was at a loss. I was coming up empty, ill-equipped to handle this any longer. My marriage was suffering dreadfully, hanging on by a thin thread, I was suffering, tremendously. Thankfully, Jeff took the lead and made the tough decision before something broke. Before I broke. A friend recently spoke wise words that have done heart-felt wonders into my world. She said, "This isn't a failure. It just is what it is." She shared some other words of wisdom that wound their way into my soul and between Jeff making the decision in the first place and now her words, I am finding peace. It feels so wonderful. I am relieved.

Around here I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Around here it will mean traveling in town more to pick mom up on weekends, for church, or for a family pizza night. Taking groceries and ice to mom. Just visiting.

Around here we are celebrating our Independence Day. Grillin' some pork steaks, cooking up some corn on the cob, and heading downtown to Riverstreet for fireworks, an annual tradition.

Around here changes. Just changes.