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52 New Books in 2016 | 37

Project Life 2016 | June


Such a slower month in June, then May. Design-wise I used repetition. An ampersand on each journal card and underlining my journaling. I'd seen my scrapbooking muse Ali Edwards do the same thing on one of her weekly project life pages and, since I have no feelings of guilt scraplifting, I was inspired to do something similar - only digitally, of course. Plus, I used most of her products for these pages but a couple templates are from Paislee Press and Cathy Zielske.


I did a broad stroke of our month - June 2016. First, using one of my early morning sunrise photos that I am blessed to behold. We grabbed some photos of John leading worship up on stage for the K-5 kids at Savannah Christian Church. We'd received another unsolicited compliment from someone so I wanted to highlight his act of service. We made the big decision - well Jeff made the decision - to have Joan move out of our home and into an independent living community home. We visited a viable options and really liked what it had to offer. She'll be moving out - and in - this week, actually. It was a necessary move.

Jeff and the boys had a couple of Journey build days. The Journey is a Christmas production, interactive and moving that requires 1000+ volunteers to make it happen. Preparations begin early. Jeff is one of the team leads for a new 'part' to the experience. Of course, John and Jarrod spend the day with Jeff and help build a new farm animal barn with stalls and petting zoo. I shared the evening Jeff and I went to the low country boil Journey-build committee meeting in April's project life (the blog post is titled May but I fixed the page before printing - duh!) regarding the assignment Jeff and two other guys received as Team leaders of a project.

The boys took some driving lessons through We signed them up for 10 lessons each. It's a sweet little deal: a drivers instructor comes to your house and picks you up in a Cooper Mini at a prescribed time and in two-hour blocks of driving instructions and then returns you to your home. It's pricey but so worth the opportunity of having someone teach my boys how to drive. The first day I got in with John I was very calm and cool and held it together the entire drive with stress-free, yell-free instructions. But, the second time - not so much.

Another big decision for us, after 8 years of wearing these hearing aids we decided it was probably time to upgrade. My new ones are actually cheaper than we originally paid and they're digital. Through an app on my phone I can adjust volume, bass, and treble, plus other handy little actions.

Jeff and I have been watching Castle together this month. We'd never seen it (except the few times I'd seen an episode on the television at work) and I thought it would be a good fit for us. I was right. It is hilarious! It's a great comedy-drama. I've also been watching Bones. I started at Season 4 though because I'd seen Season 1-3 enough I didn't want to rehash those seasons. Enjoying both series'.

I read six books in June. That's about my average this year. 5-6 books each month - or one a week. I don't think I'll have a problem reaching 52 New Books in 2016. My favorite this month was The Daniel Prayer, but I'm loving the Harry Potter series, too. 




John and Jarrod were hired by a landscaping company. Hard, backbreaking work. They worked hard, but we didn't want them working there anymore because it was an unsafe environment. In 98 degree temperatures, John's crew lead left with the worksite with John's lunch and the water cooler for 4 hours. The owner of the company nixed safety (ie. no water/rest breaks) in the scorching heat and humidity. There's some serious issues when workers aren't allowed a few minutes to drink some water and get some shade. Or, even having water available.

We have been going to Savannah Christian Church for almost 17 years now and on Father's Day weekend we made the move into our third worship center with a 2100 seat capacity. It was/is awesome! We are back in the worship center, sitting about 4-5 rows from the stage, worshiping our hearts out. I'm loving every minute of it. Jeff has only dosed once (with a couple of nudges to keep him awake). He's not bored. He loves the service. It's just his body. When he sits for that long his body tells him it's time for a nap because he works, works, works, goes, goes, goes.

And, that was June.