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Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Author of Eat Pray Love which I did not read and probably will not (especially now after reading this book), Big Magic is not without merit but it was permeated with 'woo-woo', that just-a-little-out-there and too new-agey for my tastes. What Gilbert calls Big Magic, to salve the itchy hearts of her readers who want little to do with the truth of God's word, I see as God. Whether Ms. Gilbert elects to receive Him or not. Although she has no problem receiving creativity that floats in and around us like ghosts - yeah right I know - kinda crazy. For it is God who is the maker of all things, including mystery - and magic. That magic that Ms. Gilbert talks about when one thing happens and another does too, seemingly coincidental, but there is nothing coincidental - or magical other than what is God-ordained. 

I won't say the book was a waste of time because there are take away's. Such as the idea that even if a creative person isn't a success doesn't mean they aren't creative - or that they should stop creating. This, in fact, was freedom for me. As one with a very creative mother and older sister I have always felt intimidated and lacking and without creative merit (even when they've said otherwise), I know this feeling of, and asking myself, should I stop creating. But, I don't, thankfully. No longer will I question my creative spirit. In fact, her book has spurred me on.

Aside from the few dog-eared pages, it was a disappointment overall and read more like a memoir and not a very interesting memoir at that. For this and other reasons I can only give Big Magic...

Rating: 6 Stars