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The Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown.

Hum. Not sure about this one. Rave reviews abound for this self-help book on wholehearted living and many from those people in the blogging world that I've enjoyed reading for many years - but there is that nagging thought-provoked, "why are you leaving God out?" Brown doesn't exclusively, wholeheartedly, leave out God but she doesn't put Him first, either. This is where self-help books and I always seem to go askew. 

That being said, Brown amassed some really good talking points, much of which requires the practice of...authenticity, gratitude, wholehearted living, or cultivating of...hope, joy, faith, laughter...and much of which I've gleaned from experiencing everyday, ordinary life; where I have found the sacred in the ordinary; it is necessary to practice gratitude and not just have an attitude of gratitude and joy is totally tied to gratitude.

The chapters on shame were enlightening because I experience this, or have experienced multiple times over, usually because of someone's actions for which I suffer the shameful consequences; when I should find my worth in Christ (my words not Ms. Browns'), but I can't seem to...

So, here's the deal. The book is good. But, not great. It will be one I keep on my shelf for reflection therefore I will give it a...

Rating: 7.5