30 Day Walk 1 Mile Challenge | Update #2
Prayers for my husband from his head to his feet | Day 14

around here.


Around here Jeff and the boys are putting in some hours out at Compassion Christian Church for Journey Build days. Jeff is on the set building team and one of a team of three leaders in charge of building a petting zoo slash barn stalls. The Journey is our churches big interactive and outdoor Christmas production that takes you on a journey to Bethlehem and the birth of Jesus. Because they're expecting 30,000+ people to attend this year they need upwards of 1000 volunteers to pull off the two week event plus tons more in these months prior to getting it ready. It's a grueling two weeks but, man, is it worth it!

Around here I am walking...and walking. Every day. And it's a good feeling. Has the numbers on the scale changed? Nope. Since, I'm a glass half full kind of girl I'm calling that a positive thing. Because numbers on the scale can go down - but, they can go up too. If the numbers haven't changed, it may mean it'll take a while to see some results from all the walking, but, the numbers on the scale aren't climbing. And that, Praise God, is a good thing.


Around here we're laughing and crying at the same time. We are being lauded by our friends for our creative discipline of our boys, laughing on the outside, but we are crying on the inside and just between us because we are having to become creative in our parenting when normal discipline isn't working. It has been months since graduation and while the agreement was college or a job - neither is on the near horizon. So, first we had sons living outside for most of the day and all of the night, only allowed inside once I come home. It's hard core but we were at a loss. We just don't understand their lack of motivation to get a job. With some guidance from some godly men we've are even getting more creative: we moved them back inside and we'll be hitting their wallets...Maybe, this will be the push...and just like that John has a job.


Around here I'm pulling out a canvas, acrylics, and paintbrush and doing some creating using the inspiration found on my Art Inspiration Pinterest board. I'm going with Indigo...blues, an art piece for our bedroom wall above the bed. I've procrastinated too long. I know why, too. 

It's fear.

Plan and simple. It's that whole, 'I'm not a creative so anything I create will be unworthy of display'. I know, right? Crazy thinking. But, there it is.

So, I'm overcome my fear and I painted.

Around here small group is starting up again. I'm soooo glad! We're beginning with our traditional, as that is what it has become, low country boil. Everyone brings something for the boiling pot plus a side to share, or an appetizer - or two; maybe, a dessert, a salad or some chips and dip. Yummy food. Even more fantastic is the fellowship, the friends - and laughter ensues. After our opening get together we'll meet at our place once again, weekly, for bible study, prayer, and fellowship. It's a good thing. We'll be diving back in for some Andy Stanley videos because he's Bible-based, plain speaking, and tells-it-like-it-is - biblically. And then there's desserts.


Around here Jeff shifts construction job sites. After 20 months driving 1 hour 1 way and 1 hour home each day he (and we) are looking forward to the 30-minute drive reprieve. We're not sure how long he'll be on this job site as it is in its last 7-weeks of work. But, there is a possibility a phase II will be solidified before all is said and done. Unfortunately, it is still very long days and no days off! But, man, he did a beautiful job on The Inn, at Palmetto Bluff.


Around here we've welcomed (long-distance) our fifth grandbaby! We were introduced to Samuel Cole Louk on August 13. And I am anticipating, anxiously awaiting, a month before I can get the time off to visit my newest grandson.

Around here I stepped out of my comfort zone recently and listened to the nudging that has been going on by the Holy Spirit for the past several months, more loudly now that my body has been mostly cooperating, and visited Hope Academy here in Savannah for an interview to be a Homework Coach, once a week. It was a delightful, inspiring, endearing conversation with the missionaries of the academy. I can't wait to receive my first call to serve a struggling student.


Around here I've made a few changes to our living room decor. Nothing biggie. A couple end tables and a couple lamps. And, 4 Engineer Prints of my 4 oldest grandchildren. Whilst 'tis true I have 5 grandbabies, to be fair I'll wait about a 8 months to a year, like I waited for Noah. It's only fair. I love the end tables, the lamps (even though the picture showed them a tad darker), and the professional photos turned Engineer prints look way better - and professional - but, super cheap!