Prayers for my husband, from his head to his feet | Day 1
52 New Books in 2016 | 43

currently | august 2016


walking. a 30 day walking challenge is on the books, in progress, and being charted.

studying. The Tabernacle: A Women's Heart by Beth Moore. And something I'm really excited about. I'm joining a group of ladies at Compassion Christian Church (the new name to our same church) for Women of the Word and a study of 1 & 2 Peter. Wow, I haven't been in a women's Bible study, with other women in years.

reading. A bunch! After finishing seven books in July on my stand for this month I'm planning on getting through another Harry Potter (maybe 2), another Daniel Silva - Gabriel Allon series (maybe 2), at least one (maybe 2) Christian non-fiction, a book (maybe 2) on my 2016 Reading Challenge, and at least one other selection from my growing stack of books I'd like to read. A potential for 9 books read this month.

watching. Blacklist Season 3 is out on DVD this month. We don't watch television past 9 pm for sanity reasons, for needing-sleep-to-function reasons, so we just wait until the show comes out on DVD when the next season starts. It does not matter if we're a year behind. Might need to pull out the previous seasons and watch them from the beginning in preparation. I'd like to pick up all the Blue Blood seasons, too, as another alternative and a tad bit 'lighter' genre. And then there's Madam Secretary. I left off at Season 1 and Season 2 is on NETFLIX. We are also still watching CASTLE on DVD.

catching up on scrapbooking albums. I have a folder full of photos of Tucker and Silas, and the Trumps, that I still need to make pages for their individual gifted albums. I need to figure out how I'll finish Noah's 1 year album since there are a couple months missing + what Noah did that month. Maybe, I'll just use photos I have and, words I have, and call it good. There is something to be said for calling things good. Not stressing the small stuff.

helping Elizabeth put together a 4th grade homeschool curriculum for Ella is wonderful. I miss, in-the- trenches homeschooling and this is giving me a taste of, a spark of, something I truly enjoyed for more than 5 years. So, thank you Elizabeth for allowing me to help. I never went crazy purchasing curriculum for John and Jarrod, (Read: over buy curriculum) but homeschool curriculum has my heart like office supplies - if I could hoard them I would.

beginning 31 days of praying scripture for my husband. It is for him. But, it is for me too! Time with my Lord.

cherishing my time at She Reads Truth this month as I study the book of Ruth. Beautiful devotions.

anticipating a CAT scan and ultrasound for my son for a large lump under his chin. Praying it is benign.

filling weekends with lots of activity: a double date with friends, a dinner at Jazz'd Tapas Bar with the children's ministry administrative team Jeff and I serve with at church - team building and fellowship - and delicious food!; a Boy Scout adult outdoor training campout for Jeff and the boys; The Journey build days; A breakfast date to The Breakfast Club on Tybee. Just filled up weekends.

struggling with some issues with our sons. 

listening to King of the World by Natalie Grant, Danny Gokey's Tell Your Heart to Beat Again, and Hope in Front of Me, The River by Jordan Feliz, Christ In Me by Jeremy Camp, Eye of the Storm by Ryan Stevenson, and Trust in You by Laura Daigle.