a thirty day challenge to myself.
friday, with a cup of coffee | 6

etsy (and more) window shopping for book lovers.


As part of my 2016 Reading Challenge, on my list is read a banned book. This 'banned book tote' is fantastic to hold a selection of banned reading I might check out from the library. In my research for banned books I was surprised over and over at books that have been banned either in the US or abroad.


What book lover should have? A mug that affirms books over movies anytime. Is there any book in which the movie is better?


As one who recently read The Little Prince I was able to appreciate a scarf designed after a book.


I love these place holders for the selection of books I'm usually in the middle of reading at any given time.



Had to grin at this Lit Happens t-shirt. Because I'm trying to bring more Lit into my life. You know. Instead of sh*t. Lit happens. Funny!


I love these simple, because simple is good, black and white, So Many Books, So Little Time book ends - probably could get hubby to make them. But, why? I do have so many books on my shelves waiting to be read.


I think these classic literature front cover posters are my favorite find. I'd love a set for over my book shelves (in my bedroom). Definitely The Great Gatsby. I read this one aloud to the boys in their 10th grade year. There is a Pride and Prejudice, too.


and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.


Awesome time window shopping. It was totally fun.