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Prayers for my husband from his head to his feet | Day 14

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Are you raising your kids to be kind? Here is a really good article on ways to teach your kids to be kind. One thing we have done over the past couple of years: If we receive a compliment from someone about our kids (they're so polite, interesting to talk to, love how they serve others, my kids love your son because he doesn't treat like a kid, etc...) we've rewarded our sons. We wanted them to know how great it is that others see them as kind, or polite, or someone with a servant heart.

"Happiness is a decision. Dare to be happy

For our next road trip, over a couple of days, I'd like to take the ultimate Georgia Waterfalls tour visiting 10 of the most stunning waterfalls in the country. We've been to Anna Ruby Falls and can wholeheartedly attest to its beauty and awe. As my body is not in near the painful constitution as the last adventure trip to a waterfall, I believe I could do this. Let's!

"It’s not what you do that matters. It’s how you do it. Do what you love and while you do it, make much of Jesus.” Are we making our purpose in life harder than it is? Is it as easy as do what you love and while you do it, make much of Jesus? Or do what you have to do to pay the bills, take care of family, do the hard stuff - and make much of Jesus? Glorify God in whatever you do.

A photographer takes absolutely stunning birds-eye shots of the world's most beautiful beaches - and how he does it!

Why one woman wrote a memoir called Ruined.

Really good. A beauty quiz you won't find in magazines.

What I learned this summer.