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I was perusing Modern Mrs. Darcy's website (one of my top 5 favorite blogs these days), plowing through her older posts and came across a post titled 2 things you love, 1 thing you treasure, and 1 thing you'll never forget. It began from a comment to her blog that went like this: "Someone once told me that women should do two things every day they love, one thing every week they treasure, and one bigger thing every month they will never forget. Because we’re worth the effort.”

I have a hard time with self care. It often feels - well - selfish. Whenever I am spending time on me something, or someone else does not have my time. The closest I get to self care is giving time to my hobby, scrapbooking. Even though scrapbooking is akin to life blood - I know this because the season I went without scrapbooking was horrendous on my mental health - there are other self care routines, daily, weekly, and monthly that would be so good for my heart, mind, body, and soul.

Deciding to become more intentional with self care beginning in September, with maybe a trial run the remaining days of this week, I believe I just might be able to find every day loves that are more present in my life than I thought; or I do that one thing that I treasure; and I experience a monthly something I'll never forget: (like that one Saturday recently that began early in the morning [after a very late night of dinner and watching Star Trek: Beyond] with a trip out to Tybee Island for breakfast at our favorite spot: The Breakfast Club, followed by a long morning and afternoon trip to Jeff's worksite for a tour of the just-finished high-end, Inn at Palmetto Bluff [simply gorgeous and in awe of my husband's accomplishments as a key member of the build team...and so proud of him and excited for his success], followed even more by a dinner out with all the people we volunteer with at a really cool place). 

Yeah, that kind of memorable experience...

Definitely, some self care happening that day.

But, maybe a bit more intentionality - and recording - my self care daily loves, weekly treasures for my health and well-being, and monthly experiences I'll never forget, and that might sustain me.

And, it seems to me that if I give nothing to myself, if I don't keep me healthy, then it isn't very likely I'll have much strength to care for others. Ultimately, that is where self care should end...right where caring for others begins. That's a good life.