Stories 2016 | like a boss
Prayers for my husband from his head to his feet | Day 4

bedroom dreams.


I am dreaming of finishing up decorating our bedroom. Just a few more things to 'finish' and make it what I dream about. This table runner. Love it. Perfect for our dresser. Or maybe this one.


I am crushing over this lamp. I seriously WANT it. We only have the over-the-head light (with the fan) and it doesn't put out a 'good' light. I'm thinking only 1 lamp, on my side of the bed. While I don't read in bed, mostly because I have no light next to my bed, I may start if I get this lamp. It's beautifully blue and white. 



Cloth napkins make wonderful side table doilies. Indigo Shibori dyed napkins would be gorgeous on our bedside tables.


Pillows, Pillows, and more pillows. Sure, they'll just been thrown to the side when we get into bed but they look so pretty and we often have 'conversations' in our room - for privacy - that a couple of pillows to lean on or lie on would be comfortable when we're doing some serious conversating.



I'm not sure what I'd do with these baskets, but I want them! I could definitely use the small basket on my bedside table and the large one could hold extra blankets I guess. Or books!



I made this painting to hang centered on the wall between our pencil posts over our bed. I have a love-hate relationship going on with this painting. I'm loving it right now and eager for Jeff to hang it.


I could always get this painting. Gorgeous! And, look how wonderful it looks with gray walls.

My Pinterest Bedroom board is filled to the brim with Indigo blues and white that I would love any of for our bedroom. I'm still hunting a hanging lamp or sconce for over my red chair. Red is the touch of color in a sea of blues and white.