2016 Reading Challenge | Update
welcome fall.

Friday, with a cup of coffee | 10


(The photo above is in honor of Jarrod, my son, who is 90% cream and 10% coffee.)

Students comfort their grieving classmates with locker notes. Unbelievably kind and compassionate!

If you listen to anything over and over again listen to a spoken word poem by David Bowden called I AM. This is amazing! You will be changed!

Oh, my! "...That trip from the sand to the water? That’s critical turtle training ground. It’s what gives baby turtles a better chance of survival."  This is a wonderful read. About baby turtles. About raising kids. So beautiful, insightful, and worth every moment of a parents time.

Having recently done my own study on godly submission, and even more so, a wives submission to her husband, I read this article with fist bumps [in agreement].

Here's another great post on parenting kids and making the most of your time with them. While we only have two 19-year old boys/men left in our house we have grandchildren and thus, our kids having kids make articles like this worth my time.

How to practice the presence of God: "The time of business does not differ with me from the time of prayer" - Brother Lawrence; "You don’t practice His presence. You practice being present to His presence in this present moment. Practicing the presence of God is the practice of self-discipline." - Ann Voskamp

Dream Hidden Room Bookshelves (and that desk!). Oh my! How wonderful are those 'hidden room' bookshelves!