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2016 Reading Challenge | Update

Read a book published this year and 52 New Books in 2016 | 52


I mentioned earlier that I'd completed my goal of 52 New Books in 2016. It was with this book: Apprentice in Death; JD Robb's latest in her In Death series with book number five thousand two hundred and ninety eight...just joking! I think it's book number is in the later 40's in the series, not counting the short stories of the same. As this is also a book published this year it goes toward my 2016 Reading Challenge: Read a book published this year.

Pretty crazy, right?

I mean 52 New Books in less than a year. I'm totally siked. I'm seriously considering upping my reading 'game' in 2017. I can see 80 new books, 90 new books, even 100 new books on the horizon. Excited beyond words.

But, to finish out this challenge I read J. D. Robb's latest, Apprentice In Death, in her In Death series. As I will forever love this series and Robb hasn't written a bad one yet - although some have been way better than others - Apprentice in Death was pretty good. Dallas and Roarke are sitting in a pretty good place and with some personal thrown in, otherwise it's all police work. I love the process Dallas goes through with her trusty sidekick and numerous other supporting cast to solve the crimes. 

Curious and curious- er if Robb is planning on ending this series anytime soon or if she'll just ride the wave. My take is for her to ride the wave of fans everywhere who would hate to see this series go. After 45+ books I haven't gotten tired of the characters or the storylines she comes up with.

So, 52 New Books in 2016 is a wrap.

I'll finish out my 2016 Reading Challenge, too, this year.

And, of course, I'll continue to read new books and see where it takes me.